4,000 square feet, split level
Wireless Internet
Direct TV
DVD with Blue Ray, USB and Internet Capabilities


Upper Level

Coat Check

DJ Booth


10 42" Flat Screen Televisions

Specialty Lighting

Wheel Chair Accessible

Wireless Microphone

8 Tables with Seating

12 Barstools

Single Unisex Restroom

Lower Level

Men and Women Restroom

DJ Booth

2 26" Flat Screen Televisions

Specialty Lighting

Wireless Microphone

5 Tables with Seating

6 Barstools



*Valet or self-parking is provided by Tag B. Ability to valet up to 200 cars at $20 each.

Self park up to 40 cars at $10 a car.
Public parking available one and a half away, prices range.


Metro 1 block away Mt. Vernon Convention Center and 2 blocks from Bar 7 is Gallery Place metro.

Note: All furniture is movable.